I am a Photographer and Director currently based in Phoenix and Washington DC. I was born in Newport News, Virginia; and since then I have lived in 7 apartments, and 7 houses in 4 states and 4 countries. I got my start in photography by shooting for multiple local newspapers in Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware. These experiences taught me early on that I prefer people as subjects. After a stint in Italy photographing anything and everything, I moved to the west coast to pursue a career in commercial photography. Shortly thereafter I was granted an internship at Daylight Studios Paris, and spent months learning anything I could. My work there with advertising and fashion photographers greatly influenced my eye for color, connection, and drama. I use these elements to inspire and influence my work.

I play the piano and guitar, I have a large fluffy bear like dog who does not like vacuum cleaners, cats, or cars that are silver; I secretly love to write, I am a glutton for all things Italian, I love people and their stories, and my relationships are the most important part of my life.